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Pastors’ wives misbehave because they are as human as the rest of humanity. Nobody in ministry is exempt from the sinful nature.  By now you would  have seen  snippets of the show ‘Preacher’s Exes’. It was shocking to some and downright appalling to others.

Eight in 10 pastors’ wives say they feel unappreciated or unaccepted by their husbands’ congregations, according to surveys by the Global Pastors Wives Network (GPWN); the same number wish their husbands would choose another profession. “Wives’ issues” is the No. 1 reason pastors leave their ministries. The divorce rate among ministers and their wives is 50%, no better than that of the general public.For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God —Rom. 3:23.

Recently a young woman started compiling reasons why  Pastor’s Wives Misbehave.Here is what she had to say:

Pastors’ wives struggle with the same issues all women do.

Sometimes, pastors’ wives fight depression and anxiety just as their neighbor does (and it is hard enough to talk about mental-health issues within the church. If you are the pastor’s wife, you exponentially increase the pressure to be “perfect.” It’s not easy).

Sometimes, pastors’ wives have to fight for their marriage as so many other married couples do.

Sometimes, pastors’ wives have to fight greed or bitterness.

Sometimes, pastors’ wives feel alone.

Read the rest of this funny, engaging but truthful story here.

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