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Byron Scott (pictured), the son of prominent DeKalb County, Georgia Judge Mark Anthony Scott, was indicted on aggravated assault charges stemming from an incident that took place last year involving 2 women who allege he assaulted them after a fender bender, according to WSB-TV.

A police report claims that Scott and an unnamed mother and daughter got into a minor traffic accident.  The mother alleged that Scott, who works as a DeKalb County Court Board of Equalization supervisor, not only pulled out a gun on the pair but barraged them with profanities; then he shoved the pair, as well.

The victims claimed they felt so threatened by Scott that they ran in different directions to get away from him, according to the police report.  When police arrived at the scene of the chaos, they arrested Scott and at the time charged him with a misdemeanor.

Scott’s lawyer, Keith Adams, contends that the mother was reportedly behaving in a contentious manner at the scene of the incident.  The attorney told WSB-TV that his client is innocent of all of the allegations against him stating, “He didn’t do anything to this woman. He didn’t threaten her. He didn’t point a gun at her but the officers chose to believe her when they arrived.”

Since Scott’s father is a judge, Adams believes his client is being made an example of. “He was arrested, and charged with a misdemeanor offense and I believe in an attempt to make it look as if they weren’t giving him any sort of favorable treatment, they’ve actually bent over backyards treating it much more seriously than anyone facing these allegation would have been treated,” Adams told WSB-TV.

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