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One of the most painful things in life is to be accused of something that you’re not guilty of. It can literally be overwhelming and consume your thoughts when someone has shared untruths about you. You feel defenseless against it and all kinds of frustrations, ideas and thoughts fill your mind on how to react, what to say, and if the problem has a solution.

I’ve learned the hard way that if a person wants to spread lies on you, there is nothing that can over-ride lies but the truth. The truth always prevails. This must be a constant reminder for us when satan attempts to plant certain thoughts and ideas in our mind. Everything that comes from him is a lie that is far from the truth. Quite frankly, if it comes from satan, we must remind ourselves – He’s lying.

Scripture reveals his resumé and his mode of operation. He lied to Adam and Eve. He lied to Jesus Christ. And he is still lying. Because of his inability to speak truth, he hurls accusations at God’s children to get them to doubt and dismiss God’s Word, God’s promises, and God’s principles.

Our enemy’s goal is to get us to focus on our sins and become blinded by God’s forgiveness. His second goal is to tempt us to sin further. He can only do this by his lies. And very similarly, the only defeat to these lies is the truth.

The question becomes, have you equipped yourself with the truths that you need to counteract each lie that you hear, may have believed, or even created patterns around?

Very much like the child who waited for his Daddy after school while being teased by the other children whose parents had already arrived. They would yell insults to get him frustrated.

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