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Democratic Mayor candidate Joe Hogsett

 Joe Hogsett in Studio With Amos

The Thursday, April 30, 2015 Edition of Afternoons with Amos featured an hourlong interview with Joe Hogsett, the former US Attorney who is running for the Democratic nomination for Mayor of Indianapolis. In the interview, (at 51:00 mark on Media Player) Joe Hogsett talked with scores of listeners on a variety of issues.  One theme of callers was what priority would Hogsett place on efforts downtown versus efforts in the city’s neighborhoods.  Hogsett also talked about his plan released last week to, if elected Mayor, create a more robust summer jobs program for youth than currently exists.  Hogsett would reach out to the private sector and non-profits to fund and sustain such a plan. Callers also asked Hogsett’s positittorneyton on privatization, what are the biggest challenges Indianapolis faces, his view on small business and business in general and how he would handle the city’s sports team and entities like Indy Downtown versus neighborhood needs.  Callers even addressed whether it was worth it to vote in the upcoming May 5th primary on Tuesday.

Joe Hogsett

Democratic Mayoral Candidate Joe Hogsett

Hogsett gave thoughtful answers to listeners questions and concerns during the interview in the program’s 2pm hour. During Afternoons with Amos’ first hour it was open lines and Amos brought up several subjects. Including a major concerns expressed by Republican and Democratic members of the City-County Council over a $32 million contract for the lease and use of electric cars by the City of Indianapolis.  Members of the Council’s Public Safety Committee had requested copies of the contract, but it contained so many omissions to make the contract meaningless. A Republican Councilman Aaron Freedman revealed that the vendor wasn’t even registered in Indiana when the contract with the City was approved. And their office in California is a shell. And that the resident agent for the company includes two prominent Indianapolis executives Mark Miles and David Johnson.  And (at 39:23 mark on Media Player) Afternoons with Amos paused to pay tribute to Robert “Bobby” Allen, an African-American IMPD officer who served the department with distinction for some 45 years.  At one point in his career, Allen served as “Acting” Chief of Police, the first African-American to hold that rank, even temporarily.  Robert “Bobby” Allen died late last week and his services were April 29th. The Media Player Has the Thursday, Apr 29, 2015 Afternoons with Amos Podcast. Open Lines Including Electric Car Mess Starts at 00:00. Tribute to Robert “Bobby” Allen at 39:23 and the Joe Hogsett Interview at 51:00. PODCAST ©2015 WTLC/Radio One. Total Length 96 Minutes. Audio Begins After Brief Video Ad.