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Tina Campbell

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Check out Tina Campbell’s interview with Parle Magazine About her testimony, her new book and CD

Parlé Magazine:  So let’s start off with the upcoming solo album, It’s Personal. I know you said this wasn’t a project you planned to release, and it just came to you. Talk to me about some of the emotions and thoughts you put into this.

Tina Campbell:  Every feeling and emotion that a human can have, that I’ve had in the last year is on this album. It came from a reflection on my life, my situations, and a reflection on God, and his ability.

Parlé:  The lead single, the inspirational song, “Destiny.”  Tell me about what you were going through when you wrote that.

Tina:  That’s a song I wrote before I was through my situation, but I had been praying and I had been trying and I was trying to just change where I was and change my situation, change the way I was thinking and apply my faith that everybody in the whole wide world knew me from singing about but it was hard to apply and adhere to any of those while I was going through my situation. “Destiny” is a song that reminded me to see myself where I planned to be and not where I was. Faith is not about what you see, faith is about what you believe and hope for. Keep believing, keep hoping, keep being determined to make it through this, grow through this, be better as a result of it, all because you put your faith in God.

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