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Are you Black? Check. Do you live in America? Check. Do you fear getting shot and killed just because you’re Black? Check. Are you sick of unchecked racism? Check.

Then Comedy Central’s Key & Peele have imagined just the place for you in a funny as hell musical sketch called “Negrotown.”

Jordan Peele unveiled the video from the comedy team on Wednesday, tweeting that he “had to release this one early.” Michael Key plays a man named Keegan who has devised a way to “escape racism when he’s stopped by police” notes Entertainment Weekly.

It starts with a cop stopping and handcuffing Key after spotting him walking down an alley. After Key’s head gets slammed on the car door, Peele, playing a homeless man, ushers him into a colorful world named “Negrotown,” where the cabs always stop, where hanging out in groups “doesn’t mean you’re in a gang,” where “you can wear your hoodie and not get shot,” …

The perfectly timed sketch comes when America is racked by racial tensions once again after the latest death of a Black man at the hands of police. Freddie Gray, 25, died last month in Baltimore after sustaining fatal injuries while in police custody, reigniting sometimes-violent protests over police brutality in Black communities around the country.

Comedy has long served as a mechanism to relieve political and social tensions, but is “Negrotown” spot on, or is it too over the top?

Watch the video above and sound off in the comments.

Key & Peele returns for a fifth season on July 8.

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly | VIDEO SOURCE: YouTube


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