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Strawberry festival

Source: Strawberry Festival / Christ Church Cathedral

The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST for Thursday, June 11, 2015. (Story Starts At 24:25 Mark On PODCAST Media Player). On the Wednesday June 10 Afternoons with Amos we told the story of Nathan Gore, a longtime worker at Christ Church Cathedral Downtown.  Back in 1965 he and other church members and staff were discussing how to raise money for church missions. Gore said how about a strawberry festival.  And with his help and others at the church, one of Indianapolis’ major events the annual Strawberry Festival was born.  But Nathan Gore’s contributions to the festival and church were NOT publicly acknowledged.

Rosemarie Gore Bigsbee

Rosemarie Gore Bigbee

Rev. Stephen Carlsen

Source: Very Rev. Stephen Carlsen, Christ Church Cathedral / Christ Church Cathedral

On the June 10 Afternoons with Amos, his daughter RoseMarie Gore Bigbee talked emotionally about that slight and what it has meant to her and her family.  After the program, Afternoons with Amos reached out to Christ Church Cathedral for their reaction.  On our Thursday, June 11 program, the Pastor of the historic Indianapolis church on the Circle, the Very Rev. Stephen Carlsen, responded top Gore-Bigbee’s interview and set the record straight and lauded the contributions of a Black man, Nathan Gore, to the Strawberry Festival’s beginning, the church and the community. It’s an interview that closes the loop and includes the contributions of all, especially African-Americans, to a part of Indianapolis history. An interview you’ll want and need to hear. (Story Starts At 20:33 Mark On Podcast Media Player). Also, Afternoons with Amos’ Amos Brown commented on two critical issues.  He explains a note he got from IPS School Board member Caitlin Hannon. She was scheduled to represent the Board at the Arsenal Tech High School graduation Tuesday evening June 9th, but was a no show.  Amos explains what happened and comments. (Story Starts At 1:07:17 Mark On PODCAST Media Player). The Indianapolis YMCA invited local media to tour their new $24 million YMCA facility being built as part of CityWay, the downtown housing and retail development between the Fieldhouse and Eli Lilly Headquarters.  Amos, though, openly wondered why 13 years after the historic, Black Fall Creek YMCA downtown was closed, with promises that a new YMCA would be built in Pike Township, why nothing has yet happened.  Even though the YMCA has built new facilities in the Meadows and in Indianapolis’ suburbs and now downtown at CityWay. Thursday’s Afternoons with Amos also featured a wide range of listener and community calls and concerns on a wide range of subjects. The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST for Thursday June 11, 2015 Runs 94 Minutes. ©2015 WTLC/Radio One. PODCAST Audio Starts After Brief Video Ad.