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Source: Joost Lagerweij / Getty Images

Bremerton high school football coach, Joe Kennedy, has been placed on administrative leave after continuing to pray with the team on the field after games.  In September, the school was investigating Kennedy after someone had complained about the 50-yard-line post-game prayers.

Superintendent Aaron Leavell wrote Coach Kennedy a few days ago stating, “Effective immediately, pending further District review of your conduct, you are placed on paid administrative leave from your position as an assistant coach with the Bremerton High School football program. You may not participate, in any capacity, in BHS football program activities.”  This letter follows the Superintendent’s  September orders that Coach Kennedy immediately stop praying, kneeling, bowing his head, or anything else that looked remotely like prayer.  Leavell offered Kennedy a private place to have prayer, but only on the condition that athletes were not subjected to it.  Kennedy declined the private prayer offer and continued to hold post-game prayer on the field, which lead him to be put on administrative leave.

Kennedy is being represented by Liberty Institute to help him file a lawsuit against BHS for religious discrimination.  Kennedy has taken to Facebook to ask friends and family to set matters aside, and continue to support the BHS football team.  You can read more on the story here.