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Kristen And Mark Howerton wanted to adopt after they had several miscarriages.  For the Howerton’s, it was easy for them to be open to adopting a child of any race or gender, but that’s not the case for all couples who adopt.  In California, only 7% of adopting couples are open to adopting a black male.

Kristen commented, “You can’t go into adoption and know those statistics without understanding that our country has a race problem. … And it’s absolutely heartbreaking to think of the challenges that [my sons] will face based on these factors that are irrelevant to their character.”

Kristen and her family sat down with Yahoo Parenting for their original “What It’s Like” series,  to speak about raising children of different races.  Kristen says her concerns are the same as every parent’s, such as making sure all her kids finish up their homework.  She also explains that there is always an added fear when it comes to her two black sons, that “mistakes could be made based on their appearance.”

You can read more of what Kristen had to say here, and watch the video below.


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