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Keith Phelps

Source: Keith Phelps / Keith Phelps

Now, I don’t jump out the window for too many songs, but you got to hear this one! Keith Phelps has got a tough Christmas joint on his hands right here. Tyne’ Angela is a great compliment to the track and you will definitely play this twice!

It may not be snow on the grown and it may be because of the Christmas heat that’s waiting to be clicked on below.

See…I told you! Haha! Salute to Keith and Tyne’ for sending this my way!

KEiTH PHELPS is a 25 year old Independent artist from Indianapolis, Indiana. Now if you’re a little late to the KEiTH PHELPS show, don’t worry you get a pass this time. Phelps has three projects on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. A mixtape titled “PHELPS PHRiDAY”, an EP called “PHiNDiNG Myself” and his debut album, “REAL. beautiful. MUSiC” are waiting for you now.

The true essence and beauty of who KEiTH PHELPS is as a person and an artist was showcased on his debut album that takes you on a journey no other major or independent artist has ever taken you before. Ridiculous production? Absolutely. Smooth, soothing vocals? Definitely. Undeniable rap lyrics? You better believe it. Be on the lookout for much more from KEiTH PHELPS in 2016!

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