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During my early years as a nurse I worked nightshift at a local hospital in Nashville. I have very fond memories of the time I spent there and of the patients I cared for. In the wee hours of the morning during those long nightshifts, I’d sneak into my patient’s room to check on them. Sometimes I’d find them awake reading or watching television and sometimes I find them asleep with the television watching them. One night as tipped around my patient’s room, I noticed a television program that caught my attention. It was an Outdoor Sportsman’s Competition. I stood there in the quiet of the room watching as the contestants participated in a variety of outdoor sporting activities like Tree Chopping, Sport Fishing, Bow and Arrow Shooting and High House Eight Skeet Shooting.

As I stood there watching, I was most intrigued by the Skeet Shooting. I watched as the marksmen aimed and fired their rifles at disks being shot into the air at top speed from various directions. When the shooter hit the disks, they would shatter into a million pieces in mid-air! The contestant able to shoot and demolish the most disks in the fastest amount of time won the competition. Okay, so skeet shooting has never been my idea of a fun activity. Actually, I think shopping should be an Olympic Sport. It’s been a long time since I left that tiny hospital but from time to time I’d find myself thinking about that competition, skeet shooting and the object of that sport. But why, what does skeet shooting have to do with me? Then one day the Lord gave me a powerful revelation about skeet shooting and how we as believers can use that same concept to combat negative thoughts! As believers the enemy’s goal is to flood our minds with negative thoughts about ourselves and the situations in our lives in hopes that we will literally think ourselves to death. Maybe you’re like me and feel like negative thoughts seem to fly around in your head as if someone were firing those thoughts like disks in the air.

And maybe you too have wondered, what are thoughts and where do negative thoughts come from?

Thoughts are past events stored as memories. Our mind conditioning and beliefs are also stored as memories. Thoughts can be positive or negative depending on what we have conditioned ourselves to meditate on. The enemy definitely prefers to manipulate us with the latter. When negative thoughts enter our minds we have less than 30-seconds to either demolish/destroy those thoughts or allow them to fester producing a chain reaction of negative thoughts.

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