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Some prayers I pray daily, without fail. One of them is this: “Lord, please establish my thoughts and order my steps this day.” Such promises are in His word, and I believe that every day when I pray this prayer, God does just what it asks.

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One recent morning, I put on some warm, fuzzy purple socks to pounce around the house in. I wore slip on heels to work that day and totally forgot to take off the socks. About halfway to work, I happened to glance down, and I almost stopped the car as I noticed my purple socks—glaring. So I thought, “I’ll just stop by Walgreen’s and get some knee-highs.” Driving down the street rocking my praise, I hastily turned into what I thought was the driveway for Walgreen’s. Instead, it was a closed restaurant. Just as I was about to drive out of the parking lot, I noticed a homeless woman, who seemed to come out of nowhere, and she and I both just stopped and stared at each other. I knew in

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