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Have you been watching TV lately? I know… it’s a mess. But if you answered yes, then you have no doubt noticed a sad trend–the world will take an average everyday person and “celebritize” them into an overnight success. In many cases, those who have been made instant celebrities have compromised and lived in complete contrast to a godly standard. The devil in all of his deception wants to preach a false gospel that doing good won’t get you anywhere and that in order to become “someone”, you have to compromise and go with the ungodly flow. It can appear a bit unfair, especially for those who are living righteous and holy lives. Here’s what I have learned and am learning about God’s nature–He is more concerned about how we finish than how quickly we get started. While the devil can accelerate things like a microwave on high, God is more like Crock Pot cooking low and slow.

Even in the body of Christ, it can seem like some teachers and preachers just came out of nowhere and became an overnight success. But for those who have done things God’s way and waited on His timing, they can testify that the call to ministry, preparation for ministry, and separation to ministry is a process that cannot be rushed. At least it SHOULD not be rushed. It’s a Crock Pot, low and slow. But waiting on God is like tender meat falling off the bones.

The average Crock Pot meal takes about 6-8 hours to cook, while the average microwave meal takes only about 6-8 minutes. I’ll tell you one thing, my family gets excited when I pull out the Crock Pot. Those aromas fill the entire house and you can even smell what’s cooking when you pull up in the driveway! They KNOW that something good is hitting the dinner table. Funny enough, I don’t get the same response when I pop something in the microwave. Yes, it’s quick and convenient, but it’s a soon forgotten meal.

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