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You cannot afford not to spend quality time with God. It’s not optional.

Once you establish that your uninterrupted communion with the Lord is a must every day, you will diligently fight to defend that space so you can put Him first.

If you’re ready to make your communion with God a top priority, here’s how.

#1 Silence your cellphone.

 You know how it works. You’ve got your Bible open. You’re ready to focus on the Lord and suddenly, your phone starts buzzing, dinging or singing (depending on your sound settings).

Social media notifications, text messages and emails notices demand your attention, and before you know it, you’re distracted.

If you’re serious about safeguarding your devotional time, silence your phone so you can hear God’s voice without intrusion.

And if you’re the techy type who uses your smart phone for the Bible app, stay focused and tell yourself, absolutely no surfing the web or checking outside messages!

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