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We lead such messy lives sometimes, directionally challenged, bad-decisions-scarred lives. And sometimes when we least expect it, we turn around and discover that we’ve sunken into a ‘pit’ that welcomed us so open-armedly that we didn’t even notice when our sinking began.

Renowned Bible teacher, Beth Moore, teaches about the ‘pit’, and how we can become so familiar with it that most people don’t even bother to seek a way out. We often decorate our pits, she says, so that they seem more homely. We move in our emotional couches and tables, recline and put our feet up, because in our minds we’ve hit a dead-end and after all, what’s so bad about being in a pit anyway? So it is we get stuck.

Though there is only one explicit mention in the Bible of someone being thrown into a pit, the idea of being hurled, whether by others or by our own doing, into a low, ditch-like situation is common throughout the entire biblical text. The human dilemma is that we are imperfect beings armed with free-will and a whole slew of emotions. Thus, we sometimes make choices based on how we feel, rather than slowing down and really giving thought to the possible repercussions. Our choices, or those of others, can wind up impacting us so negatively that we turn inward and assume the status of a pit-dweller.

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