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Between the hustle and bustle of everything busy, the squeaking of the brakes that need to be fixed, the steady pile up of bills that need to be paid, and the troublesome appointments that need to be booked, our lives can oftentimes become so cluttered with activity that we lose ourselves in the midst.

We live in a world of go-getters and high-achievers, and that’s wonderful because that means we live in a world that is progressive and evolutionary. However, we can allow life to get so busy, so off-balanced and consumed with what needs to get done, that our schedules become the likeness of a toddler’s coloring book. We step away from order and enter into a place where our goals and dreams take the place of God in our lives. Our priorities become muddled, and God becomes an after-thought; sometimes the last thought.

Yet, should we slow down for a minute, we would hear the voice of the Master calling above the din. His voice gently calls to us to come away and find him.

The Bible speaks of the prophet Elijah, who at the apex of his ministry, came to a place where he had to slow down and meet with God. Though he was busy doing work for the Kingdom, and though he had just prayed until fire fell from heaven, he had come to a place in his life where he desperately needed a personal encounter with God. In the blink of an eye, Elijah had moved from a place of extreme busyness and activity to a place of distress and isolation. He was suddenly freefalling and he needed God to intercept his plunge.

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