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Even though he considers himself the mentee, Gray says that Franklin reached out to him for prayer as he went to work with Yeezy. He says that Franklin knew there would be backlash, but he wanted to live according to his higher purpose.

“Kirk stands for something,” Gray says. “He’s not trying to just be associated with any and everything, but he loves Kanye and he loves everybody. He loves people. But you know, people are gonna look at Kirk Franklin. I feel like he knew he was gonna get heat for it, so he just wanted to make sure that this motives was right.”

Gray admits to being a little starstruck at the heavyweights that Franklin got to work with and admires Franklin for checking his intentions before going to the studio.

“He just hit me up and just asked for prayer that if it was an environment that did not really fit what he’s trying to do, that he would have the strength to say no,” he says, “‘cause it is Kanye and they had legends in the room. I wanted to be in the room. Andre 3000 was in there and I was like, ‘Bruh, can we meet?’”

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source: BCNN1/Hip Hop DX

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