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2016 was a year that many are happy to see coming to an end. From celebrity deaths to police shootings to Donald Trump’s election victory, the year closed on a downbeat for sure. But along the way, social media provided some entertaining viral moments as well as some heartrending ones. Here are the top 10 viral videos of 2016.

10. Hamilton cast addresses Mike Pence

After the surprising result of the hard-fought and seemingly endless presidential election which led to a Trump victory via the Electoral College if not the popular vote, his new VP, Mike Pence, decided to go see Hamilton, the Broadway sensation. Given his politics, the choice was a surprise. Though it tells the story of founding father Alexander Hamilton, it uses hip-hop and one of the most diverse casts on Broadway to do so.

Hamilton actor Brandon Victor Dixon addressed Pence from the stage after the show. Pence was leaving but may have heard his comments from the lobby, and certainly heard all about them later. Dixon asked Pence to consider the making the presidency more inclusive than the campaign. Dixon’s impromptu speech was met with criticism, most notably from Trump, who said he should apologize. Pence, however, said no apology was necessary. Given Trump’s own comments about Blacks, Mexicans and women during the election cycle, it’s surprising he’s so thin-skinned. Watch the clip below:

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9. Mean Tweets President Obama Edition

Of all the features on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, “Mean Tweets” remains amongst its most popular. It’s often hilarious to see just how seriously some celebrities take themselves or whether or not they have a sense of humor about their harshest critics. President Obama has been featured twice and this time, he had the greatest comeback ever in response to a Donald Trump tweet. Unfortunately, Obama, who recorded the segment in October, couldn’t see the future, but at the time it was a great burn.


8. Prince Tribute By BK Jackson and FAMU Marching Band 

Among the many Prince tributes after the musician’s untimely death in April, was one that was literally heard round the world. Saxophonist BK Jackson, who once played with Prince, led the FAMU symphonic band with a saxophone solo to the late artist’s signature classic, “Purple Rain.” Out of all the tributes to the man, this one stood out and was shared around the globe. Jackson played the song again at FAMU’s commencement ceremony.

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