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Earlier this week, a photo went viral of a sign on the door of a St. Louis, Missouri IHOP restaurant that read, “IHOP will not serve/seat guest with strong marijuana odor.” See below:

The photo has been shared over 14,000 and there have been tons of reactions on social media. reports the sign was posted a year ago. IHOP spokesperson Stephanie Peterson said in an email to the site, “I’m sure at the time someone at the restaurant had good intentions and was likely trying to honor a guest request. This is not system-wide or a policy and is outdated signage. The brand and our franchisees are all about welcoming guests in without judgement.”

Good to hear IHOP is without judgement when it comes to marijuana, but let’s hope the state of Missouri will soon follow suit. Missouri has some of the strictest marijuana laws in the country. As little as one gram, which is about one joint, can result in prison time. In addition, Missouri enforces mandatory minimum sentences, which means someone can serve a mandatory of one-year in prison for possession of at least 35 grams (or one ounce). reports, “You may be sentenced to as many as seven years in prison for selling less than five grams of cannabis. Selling 30 or more kilograms can get you life in prison, while penalties for cultivation are based on the weight of the plants (which are substantially heavier before being processed).”

These laws are horrific and are also a huge reason for the despicable mass incarceration rates. Under our current administration, Trump is advocating for stricter marijuana laws, which means it is more crucial than ever to vote in this year’s local elections. #StayWoke


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