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Warryn Campbell & Erica Campbell On We're The Campbells

Source: Promo / TV One

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Erica Campbell speaks to Warryn Campbell’s parents for the Love Talking. Sandra Campbell and Warryn Campbell Sr. have been happily married for 43 years and talked about not only a healthy marriage, but gave out some wisdom to listeners. They were married when they were 18 and 20.

Both realized after a while that communication was key for the marriage to survive. Sandra spoke about how they don’t go to bed angry and make sure they talk everything out. She also expressed that men are taught to hold things in while women are more open.

The couple also spoke about how they felt about when they first met Erica Campbell and how they wanted the best for their son. Sandra mentioned that she knew Warryn loved her by the way he spoke about her so passionately.

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