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We all have battles that we face, but Erica Campbell wants us to stop fighting small battles. She mentioned that the small battles aren’t worth our energy and we must save it for bigger things we go through. Some of the issues we face are that we can’t let certain things go and don’t try to be flexible in situations.

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When you argue with a co-worker or people that don’t matter it’s a waste of time. This also can through you off your track as well as upset your day as well as others to come.

Erica said, “The enemy wants to distract you.”

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Furthermore, as a parent sometimes those small battles are with our own children. Erica spoke about how in the morning children will be disobedient and it will make you upset. She’s encouraging you to keep your joy and peace during that time.

Remember to save your energy for the big battles and don’t worry about the small ones.

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