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via praisephilly:

Pastor Marvin Winans for years has reached fans through his music and by preaching the word of God. At his church he continues to create events that allow for teachable moments.

Moreover this upcoming weekend Winans is having a ‘Power of Unity’ conference where it will focus on men and women working together. Winans believes there aren’t any roles that a man can do or woman can do better.

He said, “We’re better when we’re together.”

Winans also mentioned that at this time we’re in a era of a feminist movement and woman are taking upon roles that people denied them of for a long time. People must recognize that we need each other and recognize that the power of unity is an amazing thing.

Lastly, Erica Campbell asked him about the importance of showing married couple in church. Winans believes it’s very important because it’s an added blessing when it comes to unity. It shows two people working together in a relationship and is a great example to people in the church.


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