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You remember how last week’s episode of Insecure ended, right? You know, Issa and Lawrence did that impulsive hot sex thing? Yup. Well, of course Issa told her girl, Molly, what happened. However, she’s not clear on exactly what the point of their sexual encounter was and even used “nebulous” to describe the situation. You know bourgie black people love SAT words.

Eventually, Issa finds out from one of her other girls that Lawrence has been seen around town with Tasha the Teller so she does what comes naturally–lurks all of her social media to look for signs of how basic she is. Tasha does have hoodrat tendencies, but she at least seems more honest with herself and others than Lawrence or Issa are.


Now let’s cut to the scene where Lawrence is watching TV with Tasha. Tasha thinks everything is all good, but Lawrence is acting distant. Then Tasha invites him to a family bbq, which is code for, “I like you a lot” (which we’ve known), and then he lets it slip that he slept with Issa.


Tasha asks if this means he’ still wants to be with Issa. He says he doesn’t know and then Tasha tells him to leave. The thing is, Tasha might really like him and all, but they never actually discussed being exclusive so it’s not like he cheated.

Molly is super focused on work and making sure she gets paid the money she is worth. She tries to get in good with her boss at a work event, but it doesn’t seem to be going so well. She is definitely having some #Blackwomenatwork moments.


As the episode winds down, Molly does her girl Issa a solid by purposely bumping into Lawrence on her lunch break, by conveniently being in near the area he usually hits up. Once the small talk is out of the way, Molly gets the drop. Later on she calls Issa, who is currently parked in front of the bank where Tasha works being a stalker, to let her know that Lawrence said that he’s officially done and that he got a new apartment.

Lawrence meets up with Tasha and explains that what happened between he and Issa shouldn’t have happened and apologize. Tasha, understanding that they weren’t exclusive, tries to pretend that she’s not as hurt as she is and invites him in for a bite to eat.


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