Community Connection Wednesday August 7th


Today’s Schedule:

1-1:30 – Family Online Safety Institute

1:30 – 2:20 – Overcoming Church and Financial Debt

2:20 – End of show – Open Lines


Family Online Safety Institute and being a good Digital Parent

Family Online Safety Institute joins us live on Community Connection. They ask the question, “Are you a good Digital Parent?”

Lets talk about online safety for Parents/Adults/Kids/Teens

Learn how to empower yourself through technology, while staying safe and private.

When should a child/teen get a cell phone?

Segment Guest:

Stephen Balkam – CEO/Founder of Family Online Safety Institute


Overcoming Church and Financial Debt

Rev. Bruce Farr, pastor at the Overcoming Church on the City’s East Side joined us today to speak to us about Financial Debt.

The DFREE Academy’s 12 Steps to Financial Freedom

Join us as we speak on financial education and debt reduction.

In Studio Guest:

Pastor Bruce Farr – Pastor of the Overcoming Church Indianapolis

Overcoming Church Indianapolis:

Address: 2203 Columbia Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46205

Phone: (317) 931-8025

Obtain a copy of dfree® Lifestyle: 12 Steps to Financial Freedom Workbook

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