Community Connection Friday September 13th

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In State Senator and GOP Candidate Jim Merritt for Mayor joined us on Community Connection!

Why is Senator Jim Merritt running for Mayor?

He says, “Our citizens deserve a better alternative.That’s why I’m running for Mayor”

More about GOP Candidate:

“Indianapolis is a city that we all know and love. I was born in this city, grew up here, operated a business in Indianapolis and raised my children here. I have served my community for the majority of my adult life because I believe we all share in the responsibility of helping Indianapolis to be the very best place to live, work and raise a family. Indianapolis is rich in both diversity and opportunity. I’m running for mayor because, lately, the city has been neglected. Many neighborhoods are struggling, crime is on the rise, our streets have deteriorated rapidly and these concerns are simply not being addressed by the current administration.


We can and will do better with new bold solutions that I will present throughout this campaign. As mayor, I will replace the underfunded programs of today and the unimaginative thinking of the current administration that have unfortunately led to underwhelming results in our city. I will be laying out my plan to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in new services and programs to help families, neighborhoods and to rethink the urban challenges of this city and drive economic development. I will explain exactly how we are going to improve our infrastructure and have confidence in the drivability of our streets. I’m going to accomplish all this and much more without raising your taxes either.”

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A great conversation with INHP on Community Connection.

We spoke on:

The current housing market


Classes and Advising

Home Repair Loans

Specialty Loans

About INHP:

“For more than 30 years, INHP has provided financial education and unbiased credit and mortgage advising to people in the community, enabling them to make informed choices and gain purchasing power.

By financing projects or initiatives that promote affordable housing and improve quality of life, INHP helps build strong Indianapolis neighborhoods.”

In Studio Guests:

Trevor Meeks – Vice President, Single Family Lending

3550 N Washington Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46205


Community Connection with Tina Cosby

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