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INDIANAPOLIS — Indianapolis police say no arrest has been made yet in a Monday morning shooting that left one person dead and four others wounded.

According to a Public Information Officer with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, one woman and four men were shot during a gathering on Graceland Avenue, just north of West 38th Street. That’s near Crown Hill Cemetery on the city’s north side.

The person who died was an adult male.

Police were called to the incident at about 2 a.m. Monday. The crime scene stretched an entire block of Graceland, from 38th Street north.

Police say there was some type of gathering going on at a home in the area when multiple shots were fired. Police said they received several phone calls from people in the area who heard the gunfire.

Police said they are working to gather more information about what lead up to the shooting. Officers said with the uptick in crime across the city, they need people to come forward and speak up and stop turning to violence.

“It’s very disheartening to our community,” IMPD Officer William Young said. “It takes a toll on our officers whenever we have to respond when there are multiple people shot. I’ve said this before, we need to actively come together as a community and learn to solve conflict resolution without picking up a handgun and hurting someone.”


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