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Even in the midst of this year’s COVID-19 pandemic, Black women entrepreneurs are on the rise. Black women have created businesses, developed products and launched initiatives to support their own dreams while giving inspiration to other Black women everywhere. Among those women is Gwen Beloti who has found a way to reignite her business to further address the needs of her customers during this unprecedented time. 

As a Brooklyn native and creative, Gwen began designing her own apparel line in 2008 and has heavily relied on accessories to turn her looks into full blown fashion statements. The line, the Gwen Beloti Collection, was Gwen’s own dreams come true, as she was finally able to design clothing that fit her body’s needs. However, like many companies this year, the Gwen Beloti Collection experienced major shifts at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic which forced Gwen to reassess her business plans and determine what needs her customers have the most during this time. As a true personification of resilience, Gwen decided that her love for jewelry design would now be her brand’s main focus and after noticing a void in the accessories industry, she decided to create the Golden Stories Subscription  jewelry box service, in an effort to provide her loyal customers with unique jewelry pieces on demand. 

The Golden Stories Accessory Box is the only jewelry subscription box designed by a Black woman that features strictly gold toned jewels. The aesthetic of the gold toned jewels is at the intersection of where minimalist meets fashionista and can be worn alone or layered with other jewelry pieces for a full statement look. The mission of this subscription box is to give customers stylish essentials that provide a form of creativity and emotional self-expression. Gwen’s challenge was to figure out how women can seamlessly feel stylish and accessorize their outfits in unique ways, and with the Golden Stories Accessory Box, she has done just that.  

For only $19.99 a month, subscription members can create their own unique collection of jewels that they can mix-match, stack or layer, all while creating their personal style stories. The Golden Stories Accessory Box is perfect for any woman looking for affordable and stylish pieces that are just as unique as they are. 

For more on the Golden Stories Accessory Collection, visit Gwen Beloti’s website, here.


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