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Dry skin is common in the winter months due to the cold and dry outside air causing the water in your skin to evaporate more quickly, leaving your body feeling dry, tight, and flaky. While some lotion and body butter companies offer solutions to dry, cracked skin, they often come mixed with strong perfume and fragrances which often leave long, lasting “scent headaches”.

Enter Butter By Keba, the Black female-owned hand-crafted personal care products that are said to be a “match made in heaven for the mind, body, and soul”. Founded by Harlem-born entrepreneur, Makeba Lloyd, Butter By Keba is a premium clean moisturizing fragrance and natural body care line. The brand’s product line is carefully formulated with a blend of natural ingredients, essential oils, and phthalate-free fragrances to appeal to every nose, unique body chemistry, and eliminate those lingering “scent headaches.”

Lloyd created each line of Butter By Keba with intention, as she introduces a calming and natural aroma with just the right amount of fragrance and moisture. The unisex collection blends essential oils with fragrances using ingredients that prevent fragrance-induced headaches. In a statement on her website, founder Lloyd stated, “I hope you take the opportunity to try every blend.  Each was designed to appeal to every nose by incorporating classic essential oils and fragrances that are familiar but are paired to create something unique while stimulating curiosity.  Our goal and mission is to bring people together through fragrance.”

Butter By Keba’s best sellers includes Unity Code, Body Butter, and the Gift Luxe Bundle.

Unity Code

Named after Lloyd’s desire to unify people of all races and genders, Unity Code is a feminine blend consisting of essential oils and a natural, phthalate-free fragrance.

Body Butter

Butter By Keba’s Body Butter is made from shea butter, Vitamins A and E to promote skin elasticity and soothing chronic dry skin, and features plant-based oils such as grape seed, rice bran, and candelilla wax. The Body Butter easily absorbs into the skin leaving a light whisper of moisturizing fragrance throughout the day. For best use, Lloyd recommends layering the body butters once you step out of the shower for an extra calming effect.

Gift Luxe Bundle

Enjoy extra savings when you select the desired aromatic blend for each gift item and purchase as a set! Options include a 12 oz. Body Butter, 8 oz. Body Lotion, 8oz. Salt Scrub, and 10 ml. Body Oil.

For more information on Butter By Keba, visit her on Instagram: @butterbykeba or the website:

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