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Community Connection Tuesday March 30th 2021

1-2 PM – We Spoke More On The Trial of Derek Chauvin, The Former Police Officer Who Killed George Floyd.


2 – 3 PM – As We Celebrate Women’s History Month, Join Us As We Speak To Tracy J Edmonds, An Authentic Leader.

Tracy’s J Edmond’s Book: “Wild Hair: A Courageous Woman’s Guide to a Bold and Authentic Career”

About the book:

“Tracy J. Edmonds struck out bravely into that uncharted territory in her role as Chief Diversity Officer at a Fortune 500 Company. Once she made the leap and literally let loose her “wild hair,” she never looked back.”
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Phone Guest:
Tracy J. Edmonds – Owner/Founder of THE Coaching & Consulting, LLC, Executive Coach and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consultant (DEI)