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The hits keep coming for Dr. Dre, but none of them are music to his ears recently.

The legendary hip-hop producer’s estranged daughter LaTanya Young has revealed some shocking details behind her strained relationship with the rap mogul.

Young says she’s asked her father and his legal team numerous times for financial support but the cries have fallen on deaf ears.

“I’m homeless and I’ve been reaching out to my dad for help. His lawyer has said that my dad doesn’t want to help me because I’ve spoken about him in the press,” Young told the Daily Mail in a report published Wednesday. “I feel like I’m damned if I do, I’m damned if I don’t. I’m just trying to communicate with him and see if he wants to talk to his grandkids. My kids are old enough to know who he is. They are in shock that he doesn’t want anything to do with them.”

To make ends meet the single mom, Young has been working at a warehouse where she’s only paid $15 an hour as an assembler. She’s also picked up a few gigs with DoorDash and Uber Eats, but the costs associated with maintaining her vehicle are hefty.

“The car is a pretty penny. It’s an SUV that costs $2,300 for three weeks and I only paid for one week. Sooner or later they are going to take the car,” she added.

The report about Young is especially a big deal because of Dre’s renowned riches, which increased exponentially after he famously sold his Beats headphones to Apple for $3 billion. That resulted in Dre calling himself in 2014 “the first billionaire in hip-hop,” according to the Los Angeles Times. In reality, Dre pocketed about $400 million from the deal, a major deposit that contributed to his current estimated net worth of $800 million.

Young previously shared with celebrity gossip site Page Six late last year that she hadn’t spoken to her father in almost 17 years until he unexpectedly suffered a brain aneurysm in January. But it “was like pulling teeth just to know if he was alright in the hospital,” she recalled.

Young did admit that her father has helped her out in the past to pay rent and at one point even provided a small allowance but that swiftly came to an end in January of last year.

Fans are now slamming the rapper online for failing to support his daughter. One user on Twitter wrote:

“Dr. Dre’s daughter is 38 years old with 4 kids, living out of her car. You can argue that she’s grown and blame her for her own misfortune, but there’s no way I’m a billionaire and my child is homeless or starving. Idc how old they are.”

While another person chimed in defense of LaTanya:

“What bothers me about the conversation surrounding Dr. Dre’s daughter is that people are saying “she’s 38, she’s too old for this, just get a job” as if people of ANY age can’t fall on hard times. Especially during a pandemic. Did y’all forget all of last year ? One slip, one job loss, one debt and you can fall into poverty FAST. Also your parents helping you doesn’t mean they’re enabling you. It means they’re assisting you, as they should. They’re your parents for goodness sake.”

Dr. Dre has not released a statement in response to the allegations.

The reports about his daughter were just the latest not-so-good news for the good doctor.

Back in July, the 56-year-old star was ordered to pay his estranged wife $300,000 a month in spousal support.

And, as mentioned, Dre suffered a brain aneurysm in January, but he appears to have made a full recovery.


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