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1. Finally! Donald Trump Signed $900 Billion Coronavirus Stimulus Bill

What You Need To Know:

The coronavirus stimulus bill, negotiated by  his own team, sat on Donald Trump’s desk until Sunday evening.  After days of tweeting and protestations, Trump signed the Coronavirus stimulus package.

2. 63-Year Old Man Named in Nashville Bombing

What You Need To Know:

More questions than answers persist following the Christmas Day RV bombing near downtown Nashville, TN.

3. Coronavirus Update: After Pleas to Doctors For Adequate Care, Black Physician Dies From Covid-19 Complications

 What You Need To Know:

Dr. Susan Moore, an African American doctor, died of complications from Covid-19 over the weekend.

4. Nigerian Students Kidnapped and Released, Though Some Remain Missing

What You Need To Know:

On December 11th, 344 boys were kidnapped by armed men in a raid at the Katsina School in Kankara in northwest Nigeria.

5. Top 5 Silicon Valley VCs: Least Likely To Invest In Founders Of Color

What You Need To Know:

Venture capitalists advise portfolio companies not to spend too much time fundraising, but is that advice applicable to founders of color?

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