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1. Happy National Black Voter Day!

What You Need To Know:

Today is National Black Voter Day. Created and driven by Black Entertainment Television, this is a day to highlight the importance of the Black voter and the importance of this election to the Black Voter.

2. Cheers! A New Bud Light Ad Campaign Highlights Black-Owned Restaurants During Thursday Night Football

What You Need To Know:

Cheers to Anheuser-Busch! Last night’s NFL game marked the premier of Bud Light commercials highlighting Black-owned restaurants.

3. Coronavirus Update: Attorney General William Barr Faces Backlash After Comparing Pandemic Lockdowns to Slavery

What You Need To Know:

U.S. Attorney General William Barr is receiving backlash after saying state lockdowns imposed to stop the spread of the coronavirus is like “house arrest”, calling it a civil rights intrusion and compared the lockdowns to slavery.

4. Why More Than 240 Majority-Black and Brown Schools Bear the Name of Confederate Leaders


What You Need To Know:

Many public spaces in the U.S. are experiencing a transformation as symbols and statutes preserving the idea of White supremacy have come tumbling down.

5. Why Are Redlined Communities More Vulnerable to Climate Change?

What You Need To Know:

Government housing policies such as redlining, have had lasting effects, from concentrating poverty to stifling African American homeownership.


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