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Some unhappy meals are being served at a McDonalds in San Francisco. Homeless advocates say the decision by one of the restaurants to do away with the Dollar Menu is a ploy to get rid of the homeless.

The McDonalds restaurant at the corner of Haight and Stanyan is the center of all the fuss. The dollar menu there was taken away about one month ago and now, items on what used to be the Dollar Menu now cost about $1.50.

The decision, made by the owner of the franchise, does not particularly affect any of the other McDonalds in the area. However, the restaurant is located across the street from Golden Gate Park and an almost steady stream of homeless people who often order the cheapest items available on the menu now say the approximately half dollar difference in prices sometimes means the difference between eating and not eating.

It is no wonder that some believe the price hike was aimed at the homeless population.

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