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While we are in the “Great Resignation” where many are quitting their jobs for the pat of entrepreneurship, others are looking for work or a new position to expand their career. Veteran Workforce Development coach Shandra Dineen, AKA Coach Shaun D joins the Get Up! Church to give you interview tips and how to create the perfect resume.






ERICA CAMPBELL: So let’s talk about interviewing for a job. Can you give some quick tips on how to ace a job interview?

COACH SHAUN D: The first tip I always give my clients is “research the company” y’all. You can apply for a job with a company and you don’t know the main portions are main things about the organization. So research the company, and then research the job that you’re applying for, know the job description know what they are asking. Practice frequently asked questions before the interview. When that always stumped individual is the question that tells me about yourself. We just our mind goes blank when someone asked us that question during that interview, you can start to prepare yourself for the interview by asking yourself frequently asked questions, roleplay it with someone buddy up with a partner, and walk through those so that you’re prepared when that question is asked?

ERICA: Absolutely. Go ahead, Griff.

GRIFF: Yeah, Coach Shaun D. I just want to know, let’s talk about resumes for a second, our resume still important like is people really looking at your past history, while high school you went to?

COACH SHAUN D: Not so much the high school you wish to but resumes are still relevant but in a different way. Now, in today’s job search market, things like board aggregators are being used. Our applicant tracking systems are being used to filter candidates, and they’re doing this by keywords, your resume becomes somewhat of an algorithm that is selected by these technologies, you know, electronic technology type platforms that push you out in front of employers. So your resume is no longer a document that fits every job that you want to apply for. You know, back in the day, we create a resume and then print a stack of images, hit the streets and take it with us every you know, and drop the same resume off to every employer, you can no longer do that. So as you are looking for jobs, make sure that the keywords from the job description are actually located somewhere within your resume. That’s what picks the resume up and pushes it out to employers. So writing resumes are still very relevant, but they’re being used in a different way now.




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