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Audio Included in Post. Runs 17 Minutes. ©2010 WTLC/Radio One. One of the national leading experts of Urban areas and cities has condemned Indianapolis’ fifty year deal to sell the rights to operate the city’s parking garages and parking meters. Aaron Renn, a renowned urban expert and author of the Urbanophile blog, has analyzed the Indy’s parking meter privatization deal and calls it worst than Chicago’s. A deal that netted Chicago over a billion dollars is identical to Indianapolis’ deal, Renn told Afternoons with Amos. Except, Indy only gets $35 million upfront and yearly payments for fifty years. “It’s a very bad deal”, Renn told Amos. Hear Amos’ interview with Aaron Renn above.  And read why he calls Indy’s deal a “disaster for the city”:

Urbanophile: Indys Parking Meter Lease To Be A Disaster For City