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Ah being impatient with myself is something I don’t do very often, I’ll admit it is an issue. And giving myself the time that I need, I don’t always do it because I always want to get things done. I always want to be effective at what I do. But what I’ve learned is the only person I beat up in the process is myself. So learning to be patient with me when I can’t do something, learning to be patient with yourself. You know, when it’s literally not in your capacity to get something done, it is okay to say no. Listen, most of us are chronic over doors for different reasons, because we want to be liked, because we don’t want to disappoint people or let people down. Or maybe that’s just me, I don’t know. But I know there are many people that are chronic people who say yes, more than you want to more than you desire to. And learning to be okay with yourself, when you say no is a skill, but it is a way to be kind to you. And we’ve all got to learn to be a little more kind to ourselves. When we need a moment. It’s okay to take it when you need a break.




It’s okay to take it. Because if you beat yourself up, who’s gonna put your pieces back together, everybody’s not blessed with a whole bunch of folks around him. Sometimes you are the help that you need. And the only way to help yourself is to be kind to yourself, to give yourself a break to take a moment to take that time to be better. Listen, if you need a mental health day, take it. It is okay. Because we don’t want you to be worn out and worn down. I’m talking to you and I’m talking to me. We’ve all got to take better care of ourselves. We only get one body and we’ve got to treat it with love, care, and respect. All right, so I’m learning to be more patient with me and I want you to be more patient with yourself as well.






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