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Power Of Positive Visualization | Dr. Willie Jolley

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Dr. Willie Jolley’s principle to win BIG today is the “power of positive visualization


I’ve been sharing my series with 10 powerful success principles that can help you win. They’re taken from my book “It Only Takes A Minute To Change Your Life,” found on page 51 and people around the world have used these tips to transform their lives.

Step number six is the “power of positive visualization.” I want you to imagine yourself in the home. You’ve always dreamed of driving the car you always wanted. Or imagine giving a six-figure times check to your church. Can you see it? Something powerful happens when you can connect the vision with an emotion.

When Phil Jackson took over the Chicago Bulls, when Michael Jordan was playing, they had been perennial losers. Phil Jackson had the players do something strange to line up and imagine themselves holding that championship trophy. They did it and went on to win six championships. I say to you, imagine yourself living your dreams. Try it. What do you gotta lose?




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