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WASHINGTON D.C. — November 27th through December 1st is National Tax Security Awareness week and with that the IRS partnered with Security Summit to provide people with a list of tips for staying safe as tax season approaches.

The release from the IRS includes a “Taxes-Security-Together” Checklist for tax professionals with tips including:

– Use multi-factor authentication to protect tax software accounts.

– Use a Virtual Private Network if working remotely.

– Create a written data security plan as required by federal law.

– The IRS also reminds the tax community that the Federal Trade Commission this summer updated their safeguards standards and now requires tax professionals to use multi-factor authentication to protect client information.

– Know about phishing and phone scams, including “spearphishing” schemes where identity thieves pose as new clients in messages to tax professionals.

– Create data security and data theft recovery plans.

The release also mentions the Identity theft / IRS IP PIN program, which allows taxpayers to verify their identities with a PIN number, protecting their identity and tax refund. They also mention:

– The IP PIN is a six-digit code known only to the individual and the IRS. It provides another layer of protection for taxpayers’ Social Security numbers on tax returns.

– You can use the Get an Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN) tool at to immediately get an IP PIN.

– Never share the IP PIN with anyone but a trusted tax provider.

Small business owners can also find tips for how to file and safely and securely on behalf of your business by reviewing the “Small Business Information Security: The Fundamentals” information provided.

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