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MUNCIE, Ind. — A man is in jail charged with strangling a woman over Thanksgiving dinner.

The incident happened on Thanksgiving Day. William Joseph Shields, 74, was arrested after witnesses told the cops he’d been drinking all day and got into an argument with two women in the kitchen of a home.

The women later said the argument was “about dinner.”

Investigators say things escalated and that William hit one of the women, who is pregnant, in the cheek and then put his hands around her throat. Court documents say they both fell to the ground and the woman then said Joseph wrapped his legs around her and used his weight to make it hard for her to breathe.

The cops were called and they say they took a drunk William into custody.

The women also told the cops that William’s abusive behavior had been happening for the last year and that he had been threatening them all day leading up to dinner.

For now, Shields is charged with assault, strangulation against a pregnant woman, and domestic battery.

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