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Dr. Louis Profeta in Israel

Source: Dr. Louis Profeta/WISH-TV / other

INDIANAPOLIS — A doctor from Ascension St. Vincent in Indianapolis has just returned from a three-week-long trip to Israel where he had been helping Israeli doctors out on the front lines of the country’s war with Hamas.

Dr. Louis Profeta is an emergency room doctor with Ascension and he said he felt called to help.

“I’m Jewish,” he told WISH-TV. “I’m also an American and this (Israel) is probably our greatest ally and it’s important. It’s an important cause.”

Profeta helped treat some patients in Israel who were impacted by the war, but he spent most of his time helping train junior doctors on how to respond to emergency situations. It was a returning-of-the-favor of sorts for him since he trained in Israel for a few weeks more than a decade ago.

He was ecstatic to see how united the country was in its goal to defeat Hamas.

“The people were seemingly focused on bringing hostages back and winning this war with Hamas,” Profeta said. “It was incredibly rewarding to be around a group of individuals like that who were so incredibly focused.”

He added that he was able to visit some of the sights where the massacre happened in southern Israel that kick-started the war. He said you could “feel the evil in the air.”

Profeta said doctors in Israel were overwhelmed with gratitude that he and some of his staff at Ascension came to Israel to offer their help. He returned to Indiana a few days ago.

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