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What Are You Saying to Yourself About Yourself? | Ericaism

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Something I say to my kids all the time is what are you saying to yourself about yourself? Because I want to teach them to speak life, to speak kind to themselves in the affirmative of what God says about them, not necessarily what culture may say. Or you know what? What their negative feelings are. I don’t tell them to ignore it, but don’t rest there. Don’t give it power. 


Make sure your power rests in what God said about you, because no matter what you feel, God’s word is true. But all things are possible to them that believe in the power of life and death are in your tongue. So what you say matters. If you’re always saying, oh, I’m so sick, I ain’t going to never give it. Yeah, I’ve been sick my whole life. Like you are literally speaking sickness over your life, you know when you talk about financial things and you know when you’re talking about what they won’t let us do and they ain’t gonna pay like you. You put the power of God’s ability to supply your needs according to his riches and glory and somebody else hands. 


So I frequently ask people what are you saying? What you say? What did you say about you? What did you say about your God? What did you say about your life? What are you saying about your family? What are you saying about your relationships? Are you speaking life? Are you accepting just whatever has come? Are you allowing the enemy to sit in the corner and laugh at you because you’re not using your God-given power, your authority over the enemy. God has given you power. Use your power. If the Bible says that demons tremble at the name of Jesus, then why aren’t you using the name Jesus? Why aren’t you understanding that you can rebuke the devourer as it relates to your finances and your legacy and your money and what God is giving you. Learn to use your power. The enemy only comes where he has access. He gets access by your actions, your words. Sometimes what you listen to and what you watch when you allow the spirit of fear to take over, to rest right in your lap and it’ll leave until you tell it to. The devil never gets tired and says I think I’m gonna leave him alone today. You have to rebuke, cast out and send back to pit. And walk in your divine authority and invite the presence of God in your house. How? What are you saying in your house? It’s a bad spirit in here we’ll kick it out. 

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What are you saying when you get a bad message from the doctor? I remember I went to the doctor and he was. I had this lump on my shoulder and I didn’t know what it was. And he was giving me all the possibilities and all the possibilities were bad. Everything led to surgery, everything. And so while he was talking not just under my breath said, uh, send that back in Jesus name. He said. I’m sorry, what you say. I was like, no, no, go keep. Go ahead. Keep talking. Because I figured if you going to put that in the atmosphere, I’m putting this in the atmosphere. The blood of Jesus. Uh-huh go. No, go ahead. No, it might be just with the testing with this, and we’ll have to take a piece and we’ll have to send it out for keep talking. The blood healed in Jesus name.  


I’m not finna. Just accept that foolishness and let that sadness sit on my heart. I’m gonna speak what God says to me for me about me. Call me religious. Call me deep. Call me all that. And who wants to be shallow anyway? I don’t. I’d rather be deep. I’d rather be saturated in God’s love. And here’s what I love. When you are really saturating in God’s love. God brings balance. And understanding so I’m not a weird Christian. I’m a powerful one and I know my power and I use it with what I say. So my question to you is what are you saying about your life?  

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