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Mt Vernon Man Arrested

Source: Indiana State Police


POSEY COUNTY, Ind.–A man from Mount Vernon in Posey County was arrested Tuesday night. He’s accused of injuring a police officer and drunk driving, among other things.

Officers responded to Huck’s gas station on 4th street in Mount Vernon after they were called and told that there was a “disturbance between two males in the parking lot near the gas pumps.”

“Before officers arrived, both of those individuals left driving two separate vehicles. One was in a blue Dodge Charger. The other was in a black Chevy pickup truck,” said Indiana State Police Sergeant Todd Ringle.

A trooper was able to find the two vehicles and a large group of kids on West 7th street. The man who stood out to the officers was 20-year-old Rayce Liggett-Kueber. Ringle says Liggett-Kueber was driving the Chevy Silverado pickup truck.

“Because this individual was so loud and belligerent, a number of people who lived in the area were coming outside to see what was going on,” said Ringle.

Ringle says Liggett-Kueber was displaying obvious signs that he was impaired.

“Inside the cab of the pickup truck, officers did observe a bottle of brandy. It was obvious to the officers that the individual had been consuming that alcohol because there wasn’t a whole lot left,” said Ringle.

Liggett-Kueber didn’t go quietly, however, says Ringle.

“Unfortunately, he became belligerent. He forcibly resisted the trooper. Thankfully a couple of other officers were nearby. They were able to help contain him, but during that altercation one of our troopers did receive minor injuries to his hand,” said Ringle.

They eventually got Liggett-Kueber into handcuffs and took him to the Posey County Jail. The full list of charges against Liggett-Kueber are as follows:

-Operating a Vehicle while Intoxicated with a Prior Conviction, Level 6 Felony

-Resisting Law Enforcement causing Injury, Level 6 Felony

-Intimidation, Level 6 Felony

-Disorderly Conduct, Class B Misdemeanor

-Minor Consumption of Alcohol, Class C Misdemeanor

You can hear the full interview with Todd Ringle below.

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