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Morgan Schwab Opens Up

Source: WISH-TV

Story by Kody Fisher

MARTINSVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — In an interview with I-Team 8, Morgan County Sheriff’s Deputy Mallory Schwab on Friday recounted the moments just before and just after she was shot Jan. 23 in the line of duty.

“I thought someone threw a big rock and threw it at the back of my shoulder. Few seconds later, I realized, ‘No, that was a gunshot’ and I had took a hit. I threw myself on the ground face first to get out of the line of fire and I had a car next to me and I was able to crawl and get behind cover.”

That’s when her fellow deputies got to her and pulled her to safety.

“It was all a blur,” Schwab said.

Authorities had been called to a rural home to check on a 15-year-old boy, who fired the shot. He later was found dead inside. Indiana State Police are securing bodycam footage as part of its investigation of what happened.

While the hourslong situation unfolded, Schwab was in IU Health Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. The bullet had gone through her shoulder, essentially breaking it.

Fast Forward to Friday: She’s back on her feet, arm in a sling, fielding questions from her fellow deputies about how she’s doing.

“Pain wise it’s not too bad,” Schwab responded.

Was she feeling good?

“I am.”

Can she change the bandages herself?

“The top one, not the back one. Actually, this one’s almost scabbed completely over. The back one, not so much.”

Is her bone going to heal on its own?

“That’s what we’re hoping for. I’ve got five more weeks before I can raise my arm, and then I go find out for sure if it’s healing or if I have to have surgery,” Schwab said.

Outside of the support from fellow deputies, she said support from the community has been overwhelming. “I’m very grateful to have the support in the community that we have here. Not a lot of people have that support these days. I have not had to cook once yet. I’ve had someone either bring me food, or say they’ll cook for me, so I appreciate it a lot.”

She can’t wait to get back into uniform and back on the street. “I love work. I love being a police officer.”

She doesn’t allow herself to think about the fear of being shot again while on duty.

Where does she find her strength?

“I guess a strong family background. Just always taught not to give up or quite and to just continue on and don’t let things bring you down.”

Schwab will have at least five weeks before she returns to duty, but, if she needs surgery, it will be longer.

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