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Fire on Indy's Southeast Side

Source: Ryan Hedrick-WIBC

INDIANAPOLIS–There was a fire that happened in the back of a home in Indianapolis on Monday. It happened on Worcester Avenue south of Prospect Street on the southeast side of Indy just after 12:15 pm.

Theresa Jean was one of the people inside the home when the fire started. The house doesn’t belong to Jean. She is staying there with friends.

“By the grace of God we got out. We kind of heard some popping noise back there but we didn’t think anything of it because they have cameras that beep. The Mexican man came over and said, ‘The house is on fire. Y’all need to get out,” said Jean.

The Mexican man is a neighbor who lives nearby.

“He’s been so kind to us. He’s Christian. He just warned us to get out of the house because it’s smoking!” said Jean.

A woman named Sarah Sheriff was with Jean. She said that man tried to put out the fire by himself with a hose.

“But he couldn’t find it, so he ran down to get some water to come back here. By that time, the fire department came. It started off real small, but it just got bigger and bigger,” said Sheriff.

Jean said she ran in the back to grab her cat and her daughter’s animals.

“We did lose my Dad’s belongings in there, but you know what? Our lives are spared and that’s what counts,” said Jean.

That fire spread to other homes in the area. It may have started in the garage. Several animals were evacuated. The Indianapolis Fire Department (IFD) says they are trying to figure out what caused the fire.

IFD believes several homes were damaged in the fire. No one was hurt.

The woman that owns the home next to the one that caught fire just paid it off this month only to find her newly purchased home seriously damaged.

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