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INDIANAPOLIS — On the second day of testimony in the attempted murder trial of a man accused of shooting a cop in 2022, the wounded officer got to take the stand to recount the night he was shot.

Mylik Hill is the man accused of shooting Ofc. Thomas Mangan. Hill is representing himself in the case.

The jury was shown body camera video of the incident which showed Mangan chasing Hill after he fled from the scene of a car crash. The video showed that as Mangan was closing in to tackle Hill, Hill pulled out a “dark object” and appeared to shoot Mangan in the throat.

Mangan was asked what he saw by prosecutors.

“A turn of his shoulders and a dark object and then a flash of light,” Mangan said slowly through his horse voice still ailing from the gunshot wounds.

A mugshot photo of Mylik Hill

Source: (PHOTO: IMPD)

Mangan was cross-examined by Hill once prosecutors were through with their line of questioning. Hill Asked Mangan what made him think the dark object he had in his hand was a firearm. Mangan simply responded “Yes” to that question.

Hill also had to be scolded several times again during his line of questioning by the judge. At one point the judge asked him if he was through questioning Mangan to which he said yes, but added that he feels his “rights are being violated.”

Judge Angela Davis quickly had to remind Hill not to testify on his own behalf while he was not on the stand. Prosecutors began hinting at calls for a mistrial if Hill kept up his bizarre courtroom behavior.

Davis denied those requests for now as she urged for the trial to go to a third day to see how it plays out.

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