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Marion County Constable

Source: WISH-TV

MARION COUNTY, Ind.–The Center Township Constable in Marion County named Denise Hatch fired all of her deputies on Friday.

These terminations may not last long for some of them if they can pass a federal background check called the Triple I. That stands for the Interstate Identification Index.

One of Hatch’s deputy constables, Televalis Siggers, was arrested Monday night for carrying a gun while being a convicted felon.

This decision affects all 46 of the deputies employed by her office, even those certified by the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy.

Hatch is also facing misconduct charges. Prosecutors say she was seen on body camera trying to prevent the arrest of another deputy constable for having illegal weapons last October.

The former deputies have until next Wednesday to complete the background checks and be rehired.

Hatch says she just doesn’t want her office to face anymore legal troubles and she believes she is being unfairly targeted by the prosecutors and the police.

In Indiana, township constables act as bailiffs of township courts, with duties of serving judicial orders and keeping the peace. A deputy constable is a law enforcement officer who serves in a subordinate role to a constable. They are often responsible for serving legal documents, such as summons, warrants, and subpoenas.  They can also be called upon to provide security.

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