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Hoosiers Need Organs


INDIANAPOLIS — Around five to six thousand Hoosiers are in urgent need of organs to save their lives. Often, these organs come from generous donors during times of tragedy, like the recent case of Brandon Breedlove, who was killed in a hit-and-run incident last weekend.

The Breedlove family donated his organs to the Indiana Donor Network, offering hope to those in need.

“The gift of giving life through organ donation is truly a miracle for so many,” said Steve Johnson, Chief Operating Officer at Indiana Donor Network. “What an amazing gift to give to others as they pass. It is a selfless act to decide to become an organ donor.”

Johnson said organ and tissue transplants can significantly improve a recipient’s quality of life. Major organs like the heart, liver, kidney, lung, and pancreas can be donated, as can tissues like corneas, skin, bone, and heart valves.

These transplants can restore vision, promote healing, repair damaged bones, and improve cardiac function. There are two ways that someone can become a donor.

“One is to sign up to be a donor on your state or national registry or at your BMV when you get your driver’s license,” said Johnson. “That could have been the case for Brandon (Breedlove), or if he hadn’t made that decision yet at the registry or elsewhere, it would be up to his family to make that decision based on what they believe his wishes were.”

Indiana Donor Network published a video of doctors, nurses, and Breedlove’s mom walking beside his bed, which they were wheeling through down the hall at IU Health Methodist Hospital.

“There has never been one of those honor walks that has not brought tears to my eyes or made the hair on the back of my neck stand up,” added Johnson. “It’s incredible what impact that decision makes [to donate organs] on so many others. It is everyone’s way in the healthcare industry to recognize that decision’s impact on others.”

Indiana Donor Network transplants 1,200-1,300 organs annually. Every 9 minutes, another person is added to the US transplant waiting list. 16 people die each day due to lack of donated organs.

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