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Has your relationship with God felt mundane and stale? Do you find it harder and harder to hear God’s voice or to feel His closeness? Do you often wonder how others have such thriving and vibrant relationships with God? Well, you are in the right place.

As Christian singles, the most important relationship we will have is not with our future spouses, but with God. The relationship you build with God is crucial and transformative to your relationship with your future spouse. Your relationship with God develops your understanding of God, helps you receive and be fully satisfied by His love for you, reveals your identity, strengthens your confidence, and brings you healing and true satisfaction. You can carry all the rewards you gain in your relationship with God into your marriage so that it can bear fruit. I found more contentment in my singleness when I deepened my intimacy with God.

Here are 3 ways singles can grow closer to God:

1. Find a Church Community

If you are a millennial, such as myself, you can acknowledge that many of your peers have an anti-church stance. According to data from Millennials Leaving Church Statistics Research conducted by Gitnux, almost 64% of the millennial populace do not attend church regularly, and only 2 in 10 millennials believe church attendance is important. This statistic is alarming and saddening because a healthy church has a healthy community, which helps us grow closer to God through accountability, education, and encouragement. As single believers, we cannot do life in silos; we need each other. There is beauty in sharing the truth of God and His love for us with one another. As singles, we can grow together and grow closer to God by sharing our testimonies. The truth of who God is can be revealed through shared testimonies. Accountability partners are essential when desiring to grow deeper in our relationship with God. Some of us may need community to remind us of who God is and how we should show up in our relationship with Him.

2. Read the Word of God

We have become so busy that we often feel we don’t have time for anything; reading the word of God is one. We don’t make reading God’s word a priority. The Word of God is alive and active. God speaks to us through His word. Through His word, we learn the truth about who God is and His character. This knowledge dictates our interactions with God. If we feel overlooked and unloved by God in our lives, we can know from the word of God that this is not true. To build any healthy relationship with God, we need to understand the character of God. Reading God’s word shows us the truth of His character, and we can throw off any lies we may have believed about Him. Reading God’s word helps us understand how God truly sees us. We are accepted, we are not abandoned, and we are not alone. Countless stories in the Word of God support these truths. You can build your confidence in God in your singleness when you know these things.

3. Prayer

We need to have a true understanding of what prayer is. There are various types of prayer: thanksgiving, laments, silent prayers, warfare prayers, prayers for healing, and more. It’s essential to clarify this because some believe there is only one way to pray. Prayer is your direct connection to the spiritual realm, where God is. We cannot see God with our natural eyes, but we can connect with Him, where He is, in prayer. Prayer can be words that shift our situations, heal people, or offer thanksgiving. Prayer as a single person can be words of lamentation before God, and that is entirely okay. The Lord wants to talk to us, spend time with us, and hear our hearts, and this happens through prayer. Through constant communication with God, you are not only sharing your grievances, offering up thanksgiving, or giving him your supplications, but also listening for what God has to say about you or your situation. How great is it that we have the privilege to be in the presence of God and talk to Him?

In conclusion, growing closer to God should be our top priority as Christian singles. By finding a church community, reading the Word of God, and engaging in prayer, we can deepen our intimacy with God and transform our relationship with our future spouse. Building a solid relationship with God is essential for our personal growth, understanding of God’s character, and finding contentment in our singleness. Let’s commit to growing closer to God and experiencing the fullness of His love and grace in our lives.


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