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INDIANAPOLIS — Your governor is more focused on his final days in office rather than speculation about his successor, sticking by his “policy over persona” mentality.

“With each of our agendas that we put forward, we were very transparent,” said Governor Eric Holcomb Tuesday, “there are key issues that need to be addressed.” That was Governor Holcomb’s response when asked by reporters Tuesday at the Sweets and Snacks Expo in downtown Indianapolis about Senator Mike Braun’s apparent lack of public policy ideas and agenda.

Senator Braun won the Republican nomination for Governor May 7th. He faces off against Democrat Jennifer McCormick in November.

Governor Holcomb said he called Braun on primary election night to congratulate him, but his office isn’t wasting any brain power on what Braun, or the Lieutenant Governor candidates are doing or saying.

“We want the records that have been set on my watch, or previous successor’s watches, to be crushed, and to do that you have to have a plan. Then, you have to implement and execute on that plan. I’m hopeful that those substantive issues that Hoosiers care about and sit around the dinner table talking about will be fleshed out over the coming months leading up to the general election.”

Related to the general election in November, Governor Holcomb was asked about the importance of a gubernatorial candidate accepting the results of a presidential election. Holcomb said whether or not his successor accepts the results ultimately doesn’t matter, because they need to focus on Indiana.

“Who will be president will be president and they will have to deal with them,” Holcomb explained, “I’ve dealt with multiple administrations of different parties. We can’t take time off regardless of who’s occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue’s address. Deal with reality would be my advice. Don’t let it deal with you.”

The general election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 5th.

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