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A Louisville, KY mother of 3, ages 9 and 3 (twins), died after making a heroic effort to save her sister and her sister’s children along with her own children. The house fire apparently caused a massive amount of smoke and trapped those children and her sister inside.

Tomarra Finley, age 31, risked her own life when she went back inside her burning townhouse to rescue her own children after getting her sister and her nieces out of the home. Courier-Journal reports that witnesses said that smoke was heavy and dense. Finley’s own children had to jump out of the second floor window in order to survival their mother at their side encouraging them to jump to safety. Apparently, the brave young mother collapsed from what is presumed to be smoke inhalation.

The suffocating smoke was already choking the air from the downtown Louisville townhouse Thursday morning as Tomarra Finley helped her two young nieces escape their burning home.


But Finley, 31, rushed back in to save her three children still on the second floor. She helped her 9-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter out the window, but her 3-year-old twin son was too scared to jump, despite the urging from others who were outside trying to help.

“His face … he just looked scared,” said Larry Evans, who helped get the kids down from the window.

With the smoke growing thicker, Finley lifted her young son out the window to safety, then collapsed.

Firefighters eventually pulled her from the building, in the 600 block of S. 11th St. She was then taken to University Hospital, where she was pronounced dead about 7:23 a.m. from smoke inhalation, said Jim Wesley, Jefferson County deputy coroner.

“She always put her kids first,” said a shaken Byron Hoard, Finley’s former boyfriend and the father of four children with her, including the twins.

“She’s a hero. All I can do now is show the kids videos of her.”

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